Assignment 2

   Murray Gerstenhaber

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    FALL    2013:  Math 180

Analytical Methods in Law, Economics, and Medicine

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The following is due on Thursday, September 11: Assignment 2

The following is due on Tuesday, September 23 (held over from Thursday, September 18): Assignment 3.

The following is due on Tuesday, September 30: Assignment 4.

Assignment 5

(Assiginment 6 was incorporated into the first Midterm)

Midterm 1

Assignment 7

Assignment 8

Assignment 9

Assignment 10

Here is the solution to Midterm 1, Problem E (Braess' paradox).

Here is the link to the PowerPoint presentation of the Presseisen Case.

Midterm 2

Solutions to Assignment 10



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Algebraic Deformation Theory, Structure of Algebras, Quantum Groups, Statistics for Law.