Ted Chinburg

Professor of Mathematics
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Mathematics
David Rittenhouse Laboratory
Office: 4E4
209 South 33rd Street
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6395
Email address: ted@math.upenn.edu
Phone Number: (215) 898-8340


My research is on number theory, arithmetic geometry, and ways to avoid administrative work.

Curriculum Vitae and Publications

Selected Talks


Math 210 - Mathematics in the information age (Spring 2014)

Math 603 - Abstract Algebra (Spring 2014)

Math 602 - Abstract Algebra (Fall 2013)

Math 703 - Algebraic Number Theory (Spring 2013)

Math 702 - Algebraic Number Theory (Fall 2012)

Math 721 - Advanced Algebraic Number Theory (Spring 2011)

Math 720 - Advanced Algebraic Number Theory (Fall 2010)

Math 621 - Algebraic Number Theory (Spring 2010)

Math 620 - Algebraic Number Theory (Fall 2009)

Math Links

Videos of talks given in the Penn Algebra and Galois seminars, 2009 - 2010 academic year

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Algebraic Geometry List

Number Theory Web

AMS Home Page

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