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All Email addresses are   @math.upenn.edu  (unless stated otherwise)

Department of Mathematics
David Rittenhouse Lab.
209 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6395
email: Math
Phone: (215) 898-8178   &   898-8627
Fax: (215) 573-4063

Offices, such as 4N65 (below), are in David Rittenhouse Lab [How to get here]
Telephone numbers can be reached from outside of Penn's campus by adding the prefixes "(215) 89 in front of the 8-", "(215) 57 in front of the 3-" and "(215) 74 in front of the 6-". For instance, 8-8627 on campus becomes (215) 898-8627 off campus and 3-3997 on campus becomes (215) 573-3997 off campus.


Alexandersson, Per
4C19   tel: 6-2004
email: peal@
Representation theory and combinatorics.
Bettiol, Renato G.
4E3   tel: 8-9359
email: rbettiol@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Differential geometry, Global analysis.
Bhattacharya, Subhrajit
3C7   tel: 8-6219
email: subhrabh@
Application of algebraic & differential topology and Riemannian geometry to problems of robot motion planning, coverage and exploration.
Block, Jonathan
3E2A   tel: 8-8468
email: blockj@
Professor of Mathematics
K-Theory, Differential Geometry and Index Theory, Operator Algebras.
Chai, Ching-Li
4N36   tel: 8-8469
email: chai@
Professor of Mathematics
Francis J. Carey Term Chair 2007-2012

Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry.
Chinburg, Ted
(on leave 2015-16)
4E4   tel: 8-8340
email: ted@
Professor of Mathematics
Number Theory, Algebraic and Hyperbolic Geometry.
Croke, Christopher
3E3   tel: 8-7846
email: ccroke@
Personnel Chair (email: personnel@),
Professor of Mathematics
Differential Geometry.
Dao Duc, Khanh
Probability and stochastic processes, computational biology.
DeTurck, Dennis
3E5D   tel: 3-9036
email: deturck@
Stephen A. Levin Dean of the College
Professor of Mathematics,   Robert A. Fox Leadership Professor

Partial Differential Equations and Differential Geometry.
Donagi, Ron
4E5   tel: 8-8465
email: donagi@
Professor of Mathematics
Mathematical Physics: Algebraic Geometry and String Theory
Epstein, Charles
4E7   tel: 8-8476
email: cle@
Thomas A. Scott Professor of Mathematics
Partial Differential Equations, Hyperbolic Geometry, Spectral Theory, Complex Analysis, Mathematics of Medical Imaging.
Gerstenhaber, Murray
4N40   tel: 8-8460
email: mgersten@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Algebraic Deformation Theory, Structure of Algebras, Quantum Groups, Probabilistic Inference in Law.
Gluck, Herman R.
4N57   tel: 8-8470
email: gluck@
Professor of Mathematics
Differential Geometry, Dynamical Systems, Topology of Manifolds.
Ghrist, Robert
3E5B   tel: 6-1929
email: ghrist@
Andrea Mitchell University Professor
Professor of Mathematics
Topological Methods in Applied Mathematics
Grassi, Antonella
3E6   tel: 8-7997
email: grassi@
Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic Geometry, Mathematical Physics.
Gressman, Philip
3E5C   tel: 8-7845
email: gressman@
Professor of Mathematics
Harmonic Analysis and PDE's, Geometric Combinatorics, Geometric Analysis
Hablicsek, Márton
3N4B   tel: 8-5972
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Derived Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Combinatorial Geometry.
Haglund, James
4E2B   tel: 3-9093
email: jhaglund@
Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic Combinatorics, Computational Number Theory.
Harbater, David
4E2A   tel: 8-9594
email: harbater@
Graduate Group Chair (email: GradChair@),
Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor in the School of Arts and Sciences
Modern Galois theory and related areas of Algebra and Arithmetic Geometry.
Hartmann, Julia
4N38   tel: 8-7847
email: hartmann@
Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic structures and their symmetries.
Hynd, Ryan
4N42   tel: 3-6215
email: rhynd@
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Analysis of partial differential equations arising in stochastic optimal control, continuum mechanics, and the calculus of variations.
Kadison, Richard V.
4N24   tel: 8-7118
email: kadison@
Gustave C. Kuemmerle Professor of Mathematics
Operator Algebras, Mathematical Physics.
Kazdan, Jerry L.
4E15   tel: 8-5109
email: kazdan@
Professor of Mathematics
Partial Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Applications of PDE.
Kirillov, Alexandre
3E1   tel: 8-8466
email: kirillov@
Professor of Mathematics
Francis J. Carey Term Chair (1997-2002)
Group Representations, Lie Groups.
Liu, Tzu-Yu
Lynch 103I
email: tzuyuliu@sas
Statistical learning from high-dimensional and small sample size problems, optimization, structured variable selection, density estimation, functional data analysis.
Nanda, Vidit
3C5   tel: 8-6285
email: vnanda@
Algebraic topology, computational dynamics and discrete geometry
Panova, Greta
4N59   tel: 3-9074
email: panova@
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic and enumerative combinatorics, aspects of and applications to algebra, representation theory, probability and statistical mechanics, biology.
Pantev, Tony
3E4   tel: 8-5970
email: tpantev@
Undergraduate Chair (email: UGradChair@),
Professor of Mathematics
Complex Algebraic Geometry, Hodge Theory, Mathematical Physics.
Pemantle, Robin
4N22   tel: 8-5978
email: pemantle@
Merriam Term Professor of Mathematics
Modern Discrete Probability and Combinatorics.
Pimsner, Michael
4N71   tel: 8-7361
email: mpimsner@
Professor of Mathematics
Operator Algebras.
Pop, Florian
(on leave 2015-16)
4E7A   tel: 8-5971
email: pop@
Samuel D. Schack Professor of Algebra
Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry and Modern Galois Theory.
Porter, Gerald J.
4N69   tel: 8-8467
email: gjporter@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Computer Graphics and Instructional Use of Computers, Homotopy Theory, Algebraic Topology.
Powers, Robert T.
4N73   tel: 8-8464 v
email: rpowers@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Mathematical Physics, Operator Algebras.
Rosen, Zvi Postdoc
Algebra, combinatorics, statistics, and biology.
Scedrov, Andre
4E6   tel: 8-5983
email: scedrov@
Department Chair (email: MathChair@),
Professor of Mathematics
Logic, Information Assurance.
Scherr, Zachary
4N63   tel: 8-7844
email: zscherr@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Algebra, Number Theory.
Shaneson, Julius
(on leave 2015-16)
3E1A   tel: 8-6226
email: shaneson@
Class of 1939 Professor of Mathematics
Surgery Theory, Topology of Manifolds and Stratified Spaces, Knot Theory, Transformation Groups.
Shatz, Stephen S.
4N20   tel: 8-8463
email: sss@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Algebraic Geometry, Complex Geometry, Arithmetic Geometry.
Simmons, William
4C3   tel: 8-5974
email: wsimmo@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Model theory, differential algebra, mathematical logic.
Song, Yun
3E5D   tel: 8-2417
email: yss@sas.upenn.edu
Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Biology
Computational biology, mathematical population genetics, and applied probability.
Strain, Robert
3E5   tel: 8-4828
email: strain@
Professor of Mathematics
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Physics
Towsner, Henry
4N51   tel: 8-8474
email: htowsner@
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Mathematical logic.
Wang, Miaoyan
3N8B   tel: 6-2005
Quasi-likelihood methods, mixed models, statistical machine learning; statistical genetics, computational genomics.
Weber, Brian J.
4N67   tel: 8-8472
email: brweber@
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
4-manifolds, Spin geometry, quantum geometry, symplectic geometry.
Wibmer, Michael
4N61   tel: 3-1029
email: wibmer@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Differential and functional equations and their symmetries.
Wong, Tak Kwong
4N55   tel: 8-5976
email: takwong@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Partial differential equations, fluid dynamics, analysis.
Xiao, Lechao
3N4C   tel: 8-7247
email: xle@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Harmonic Analysis.
Yu, Shilin
3N4A   tel: 8-5107
email: shilinyu@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Noncommutative geometry, complex analytic/algebraic geometry and representation theory.
Zhu, Yuecheng
4C7   tel: 8-7835
email: yuecheng@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Algebraic geometry, Mirror symmetry.
Ziller, Wolfgang
3E3A   tel: 8-8461
email: wziller@
Professor of Mathematics
Francis J. Carey Term Chair (2002-2006)
Differential Geometry.

Emeritus Faculty

Calabi, Eugenio
4N65   tel: 8-7848
Thomas A. Scott Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Differential Geometry, Non-Linear PDE.
Fell, J. Michael G.
4N65   tel: 8-7848
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Group Representations and Operator Algebras.
Freyd, Peter J.
4N65   8-7848
email: pjf@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Programming Semantics, Categorical Algebra and Geometric Logic, Topology and Knot Theory.
Shale, David
4N65   tel: 8-7848
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory.
Warner, Frank W.
4N65   tel: 8-7848
email: fwarner@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Differential Geometry.

Faculty: In Memoriam

Recent Passing
Albert Nijenhuis
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Differential Geometry, the Theory of Deformations in Algebra and Geometry, and Combinatorics.
Norman Oler
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Locally Compact Groups, Applications to Packing andd Covering Problems.
Herbert S. Wilf
Thomas A. Scott Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Combinatorial Analysis, Computing

Other Instructors

Rimmer, Nakia
4C19   tel: 3-7611   email: rimmer@
Stovall, Idris
3C9   tel: 8-2947     email: istovall@

Visiting Faculty

Kusner, Robert
4N34   tel: 8-5901   email: robkusner@gmail.com
Stasheff, James
3N10   tel: 8-5969     email: jds@

Faculty with Secondary Appointments

Cvetic, Mirjam
Physics Department
4N14 DRL   tel:8-8153
email: cvetic AT physics.upenn.edu
Gallier, Jean Henri
Computer Science Department
176 Moore   tel:8-4405
email: jean AT cis.upenn.edu
Kamien, Randall
Physics and Astronomy Department
2N26 DRL   tel:8-5940
email: kamien AT physics.upenn.edu
Mossel, Elchanan
Statistics Department
459 Huntsman Hall
email: mossel AT wharton.upenn.edu
Plotkin, Joshua
Biology Department
219 Lynch Lab
email: jplotkin AT sas.upenn.edu
Weinstein, Scott
Philosophy Department
Rm 462, 433 Logan Hall   tel:8-1728
email: weinstein AT cis.upenn.edu

LPS Faculty

Barr, Avi
4N32   tel: 3-5967   email: avibarr@
Clee, William
4N32   tel: 3-5967   email: wclee@
Crotty, Edward
3N3   tel: 3-5967   email: ecrotty@
Hughes, Anthony
3N3   tel: 3-5967   email: ahughes@

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