Penn Math Faculty and their Fields of Interest  

All Email addresses are  (unless stated otherwise)

Department of Mathematics
David Rittenhouse Lab.
209 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6395
email: Math
Phone: (215) 898-8178   &   898-8627
Fax: (215) 573-4063

Offices, such as 4N65 (below), are in David Rittenhouse Lab [How to get here]
Telephone numbers can be reached from outside of Penn's campus by adding the prefixes "(215) 89 in front of the 8-", "(215) 57 in front of the 3-" and "(215) 74 in front of the 6-". For instance, 8-8627 on campus becomes (215) 898-8627 off campus and 3-3997 on campus becomes (215) 573-3997 off campus.


Alexandersson, Per
4C19   tel: 6-2004
email: peal@
Representation theory and combinatorics.
Bettiol, Renato G.
4E3   tel: 8-9359
email: rbettiol@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Differential geometry, Global analysis.
Bhattacharya, Subhrajit
3C7   tel: 8-6219
email: subhrabh@
Application of algebraic & differential topology and Riemannian geometry to problems of robot motion planning, coverage and exploration.
Block, Jonathan
3E2A   tel: 8-8468
email: blockj@
Professor of Mathematics
K-Theory, Differential Geometry and Index Theory, Operator Algebras.
Chai, Ching-Li
4N36   tel: 8-8469
email: chai@
Personnel Chair (email: personnel@),
Professor of Mathematics
Francis J. Carey Term Chair 2007-2012

Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry.
Chinburg, Ted
(on leave Fall 2016)
4E4   tel: 8-8340
email: ted@
Professor of Mathematics
Number Theory, Algebraic and Hyperbolic Geometry.
Croke, Christopher
(on leave 2016-17)
3E3   tel: 8-7846
email: ccroke@
Professor of Mathematics
Differential Geometry.
Dao Duc, Khanh
3N8E   tel: 6-2006
email: khanh@
Probability and stochastic processes, computational biology.
DeTurck, Dennis
3E5D   tel: 3-9036
email: deturck@
Stephen A. Levin Dean of the College
Professor of Mathematics,   Robert A. Fox Leadership Professor

Partial Differential Equations and Differential Geometry.
Donagi, Ron
4E5   tel: 8-8465
email: donagi@
Professor of Mathematics
Mathematical Physics: Algebraic Geometry and String Theory
Epstein, Charles
4E7   tel: 8-8476
email: cle@
Thomas A. Scott Professor of Mathematics
Partial Differential Equations, Hyperbolic Geometry, Spectral Theory, Complex Analysis, Mathematics of Medical Imaging.
Gerstenhaber, Murray
4N40   tel: 8-8460
email: mgersten@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Algebraic Deformation Theory, Structure of Algebras, Quantum Groups, Probabilistic Inference in Law.
Gluck, Herman R.
4N57   tel: 8-8470
email: gluck@
Professor of Mathematics
Differential Geometry, Dynamical Systems, Topology of Manifolds.
Ghrist, Robert
3E5B   tel: 6-1929
email: ghrist@
Andrea Mitchell University Professor
Professor of Mathematics
Topological Methods in Applied Mathematics
Grassi, Antonella
3E6   tel: 8-7997
email: grassi@
Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic Geometry, Mathematical Physics.
Gressman, Philip
3E5C   tel: 8-7845
email: gressman@
Professor of Mathematics
Harmonic Analysis and PDE's, Geometric Combinatorics, Geometric Analysis
Hablicsek, Márton
3N4B   tel: 8-5972
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Derived Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Combinatorial Geometry.
Haglund, James
4E2B   tel: 3-9093
email: jhaglund@
Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic Combinatorics, Computational Number Theory.
Harbater, David
(on leave 2016-17)
4E2A   tel: 8-9594
email: harbater@
Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor in the School of Arts and Sciences
Modern Galois theory and related areas of Algebra and Arithmetic Geometry.
Hartmann, Julia
(on leave 2016-17)
4N38   tel: 8-7847
email: hartmann@
Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic structures and their symmetries.
Hynd, Ryan
(on leave 2016-17)
4N42   tel: 3-6215
email: rhynd@
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Analysis of partial differential equations arising in stochastic optimal control, continuum mechanics, and the calculus of variations.
Kadison, Richard V.
4N24   tel: 8-7118
email: kadison@
Gustave C. Kuemmerle Professor of Mathematics
Operator Algebras, Mathematical Physics.
Kazdan, Jerry L.
(on leave 2016-17)
4E15   tel: 8-5109
email: kazdan@
Professor of Mathematics
Partial Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Applications of PDE.
Kirillov, Alexandre
3E1   tel: 8-8466
email: kirillov@
Professor of Mathematics
Francis J. Carey Term Chair (1997-2002)
Group Representations, Lie Groups.
Liu, Tzu-Yu Joyce
Lynch 103I
email: tzuyuliu@sas
Statistical learning from high-dimensional and small sample size problems, optimization, structured variable selection, density estimation, functional data analysis.
Nanda, Vidit
3C5   tel: 8-6285
email: vnanda@
Algebraic topology, computational dynamics and discrete geometry
Panova, Greta
4N59   tel: 3-9074
email: panova@
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic and enumerative combinatorics, aspects of and applications to algebra, representation theory, probability and statistical mechanics, biology.
Pantev, Tony
3E4   tel: 8-5970
email: tpantev@
Undergraduate Chair (email: UGradChair@),
Professor of Mathematics
Complex Algebraic Geometry, Hodge Theory, Mathematical Physics.
Pemantle, Robin
(on leave 2016-17)
4N22   tel: 8-5978
email: pemantle@
Merriam Term Professor of Mathematics
Modern Discrete Probability and Combinatorics.
Pimsner, Michael
4N71   tel: 8-7361
email: mpimsner@
Professor of Mathematics
Operator Algebras.
Pop, Florian
4E7A   tel: 8-5971
email: pop@
Samuel D. Schack Professor of Algebra
Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry and Modern Galois Theory.
Porter, Gerald J.
4N69   tel: 8-8467
email: gjporter@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Computer Graphics and Instructional Use of Computers, Homotopy Theory, Algebraic Topology.
Powers, Robert T.
4N73   tel: 8-8464
email: rpowers@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Mathematical Physics, Operator Algebras.
Rosen, Zvi
3N8D   tel: 6-2093
Algebra, combinatorics, statistics, and biology.
Scedrov, Andre
4E6   tel: 8-5983
email: scedrov@
Department Chair (email: MathChair@),
Professor of Mathematics
Logic, Information Assurance.
Shaneson, Julius
3E1A   tel: 8-6226
email: shaneson@
Class of 1939 Professor
Professor of Mathematics
Surgery Theory, Topology of Manifolds and Stratified Spaces, Knot Theory, Transformation Groups.
Shatz, Stephen S.
4N20   tel: 8-8463
email: sss@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Algebraic Geometry, Complex Geometry, Arithmetic Geometry.
Simmons, William
4C3   tel: 8-5974
email: wsimmo@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Model theory, differential algebra, mathematical logic.
Song, Yun
3E5D   tel: 8-2417
Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Biology
Computational biology, mathematical population genetics, and applied probability.
Strain, Robert
3E5   tel: 8-4828
email: strain@
Professor of Mathematics
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Physics
Towsner, Henry
4N51   tel: 8-8474
email: htowsner@
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Mathematical logic.
Wang, Miaoyan
3N8B   tel: 6-2005
email: miaoyan@
Statistical Theory and Methodology, Machine Learning, Statistical Genetics.
Weber, Brian J.
4N67   tel: 8-8472
email: brweber@
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
4-manifolds, Spin geometry, quantum geometry, symplectic geometry.
Wibmer, Michael
4N61   tel: 3-1029
email: wibmer@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Differential and functional equations and their symmetries.
Xiao, Lechao
3N4C   tel: 8-7247
email: xle@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Harmonic Analysis.
Zhu, Yuecheng
4C7   tel: 8-7835
email: yuecheng@
Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics
Algebraic geometry, Mirror symmetry.
Ziller, Wolfgang
3E3A   tel: 8-8461
email: wziller@
Graduate Group Chair (email: GradChair@),
Professor of Mathematics
Francis J. Carey Term Chair (2002-2006)
Differential Geometry.

Emeritus Faculty

Calabi, Eugenio
4N65   tel: 8-7848
Thomas A. Scott Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Differential Geometry, Non-Linear PDE.
Fell, J. Michael G.
4N65   tel: 8-7848
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Group Representations and Operator Algebras.
Freyd, Peter J.
4N65   8-7848
email: pjf@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Programming Semantics, Categorical Algebra and Geometric Logic, Topology and Knot Theory.
Shale, David
4N65   tel: 8-7848
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory.
Warner, Frank W.
4N65   tel: 8-7848
email: fwarner@
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
Differential Geometry.

Other Instructors

Rimmer, Nakia   Lecturer,   Associate Director of the Undergraduate Program
4C21   tel: 3-7611   email: rimmer@
Stovall, Idris   Lecturer
3C9   tel: 8-2947     email: istovall@

Visiting Faculty

Kusner, Robert
4N34   tel: 8-5901   email:
Skandera, Mark
3N10   tel: 8-5969   email: mskan@
Stasheff, James
3N10   tel: 8-5969   email: jds@

Faculty with Secondary Appointments

Cvetic, Mirjam
Physics Department
4N14 DRL   tel:8-8153
email: cvetic AT
Gallier, Jean Henri
Computer Science Department
176 Moore   tel:8-4405
email: jean AT
Kamien, Randall
Physics and Astronomy Department
2N26 DRL   tel:8-5940
email: kamien AT
Mossel, Elchanan
Statistics Department
459 Huntsman Hall
email: mossel AT
Plotkin, Joshua
Biology Department
219 Lynch Lab
email: jplotkin AT
Weinstein, Scott
Philosophy Department
Rm 462, 433 Logan Hall   tel:8-1728
email: weinstein AT

LPS Faculty

Barr, Avi
4N32   tel: 3-5967   email: avibarr@
Clee, William
4N32   tel: 3-5967   email: wclee@
Crotty, Edward
3N3   tel: 3-5967   email: ecrotty@
Hughes, Anthony
3N3   tel: 3-5967   email: ahughes@

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