Computer Access

Most methods of network access at Penn require a PennKey network ID. If you would like to arrange for computer access, including wireless access in the conference area, please send email to Henry Benjamin at He will then contact you with your Guest PennKey and instructions. You will be assigned a temporary PennKey that you can use through 6/2/2008.

You can use this PennKey to log into the Email/Web Kiosks located in the main lobby of DRL, near the main entrance. You can also use the computer labs in Multi-Media Services, located in the basement level of DRL.

To use the AirSAS wireless network from your own laptop, you will need to complete a setup procedure which will take a few minutes. The procedure is documented at

Henry Benjamin of SAS Computing will be available on Wednesday morning to Assist you with the setup process. Look for Henry outside of room A8.

You are also welcome to use one of the lab computers in Multi-Media Services to review the instructions and complete the registration process.

If you do not request the PennKey by email, Henry will be available on Wednesday during the opening hours of the conference to help you gain wireless access. But the process might be slow and there may be a queue. So if you would like to use your computer here, please save yourself time and do this in advance by email.