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Women in Math at the University of Pennsylvania:

Women in Math is a group of women grad students, faculty and visitors in the Mathematics Department at the University of Pennsylvania. The group meets over lunch in the Department lounge or elsewhere from time to time, sometimes with special women visitors to the Department.

Our group is one of several women's groups in mathematics departments at US universities. Others include the Noetherian Ring at Berkeley and Johns Hopkins; and the Women in Mathematics group at Maryland/College Park.

Some special women visitors to the Penn Math Department have included Ranee Brylinski, Alicia Dickenstein, Christine Escher, Shelly Harvey, Yael Karshon, Dusa McDuff, Xenia de la Ossa, Chuu-Lian Terng, Karen Uhlenbeck, Tandy Warnow, and Katrin Wendland, Leila Schneps, Michelle Wachs and Lisa Traynor. A number of these were extended visits that were made possible by grants from the Fund to Encourage Women (FEW) of the Trustees Council of Penn Women.

Penn also hosted a workshop entitled "Algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry and string theory: a conference celebrating the contribution of women researchers." This event, featuring women speakers in mathematics and physics, was supported in part by a Focused Research Grant from the National Science Foundation.

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All Email addresses are   @math.upenn.edu  (unless stated otherwise)

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