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Today: Fri Oct 9
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  Monday  October 12, 2015
3:00 pm  Graduate Student Geometry-Topology Seminar
 Holonomy Groups and the Berger Classification
 Rodrigo Barbosa, University of Pennsylvania
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL A6
3:15 pm  Algebra Seminar
 Prime congruences and Krull dimension for additively idempotent semirings
 Kalina Mincheva, Johns Hopkins University
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL 4N30
4:00 pm  Math-Bio Seminar
 "Local Shape from Shading with a Generic Constraint"
 Ben Kunsberg, Department of Applied Mathematics, Brown University
 University of Pennsylvania, Carolyn Lynch Lab, Room 318
  Tuesday  October 13, 2015
4:30 pm  Minimal Surfaces Seminar
 Crash Course on Minimal Surfaces
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL 4N30
  Wednesday  October 14, 2015
2:00 pm  Deformation Theory Seminar
 Integration of Derivations for Lie 2-Algebras
 Honglei Lang,
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL 4C2
3:30 pm  Analysis Seminar
 On the linear stability problem for black holes
 Stefanos Aretakis, Princeton University
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL A6
  Note the special changes in both space and time.
  Thursday  October 15, 2015
3:00 pm  CAGE: Philadelphia Area Combinatorics and Alg. Geometry Seminar
 Determinantal and Pfaffian formulas for classical type degeneracy loci
 Dave Anderson, Ohio State
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL 3C8
3:00 pm  Analysis Seminar
 On the Existence of Solutions to the Muskat Problem with Surface Tension.
 Spencer Tofts, Upenn
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL 4C8
4:30 pm  Geometry-Topology Seminar
 "Morse broken trajectories and hyperbolic volume"
 Hannah Alpert, MIT
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL 4C8
6:00 pm  Philadelphia Area Seminar on the History of Mathematics
 Gödel, Turing and the movies
 Tom Drucker, University of Wisconsin
 Villanova University, Saint Augustine Center 300
  Friday  October 16, 2015
2:00 pm  AMCS/PICS Colloquium
 Local Structural Analysis in Disordered Metallic Systems: Polyhedral Unit Models
 Srikanth Patala, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, NCSU
 University of Pennsylvania, Towne Building, Room 337
  Light snacks and refreshments will be served.