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Today: Sat Mar 28
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  Monday  March 30, 2015
3:15 pm  Algebra Seminar
 Codes, Curves, and Configurations of Points
 Nathan Kaplan, Yale University
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL 4N30
  Tuesday  March 31, 2015
2:30 pm  Combinatorics and Probability
 Fair-Division Problems
 Ted Hill, Georgia Tech
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL 4E9
4:30 pm  Graduate Student Geometry-Topology Seminar
 Collapsing in Riemannian Geometry, continued
 Martin Citoler-Saumell, University of Pennsylvania
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL 4N49
  Wednesday  April 1, 2015
4:30 pm  Penn Mathematics Colloquium
 Title: Benford’s Law: The Significant-digit Phenonemon
 Ted Hill, Georgia Tech
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL A6
  Thursday  April 2, 2015
4:30 pm  Geometry-Topology Seminar
 "Exotic dissolution in simply-connected 4-manifolds"
 Paul Melvin, Bryn Mawr College
 University of Pennsylvania, DRL 4C8
  Friday  April 3, 2015
2:00 pm  AMCS/PICS Colloquium
 Exploring Energy and Fitness Landscapes of Proteins
 Ronald Levy, Temple U
 University of Pennsylvania, Towne 337