University of Pennsylvania
Department of Mathematics

The School of Arts and Sciences has established a website that will have up-to-date information at ; members of the SAS community should consult the website regularly, since it will be our primary mode of communication on this matter.
Featured prominently on the SAS flu site is a link to Penn’s main flu page,, which includes information on flu prevention, symptoms and treatment. Please note that because of the highly contagious nature of H1N1, the University asks that people who become ill self-isolate when they first have flu-like symptoms. According to the CDC, individuals should wait 24 hours after the last sign of a fever before coming back to work or class.  In order to contain the spread of the virus, Penn and SAS strongly encourage faculty, students, and staff to take the time to recover prior to coming back to class or to work.
SAS flu-specific guidelines :
As the semester begins, we encourage you to communicate with faculty and instructors in your department or program regarding two questions that they may face:
1. What do I do if I become ill?
Faculty and instructors should contact their department chair or program director if illness prevents them from meeting classes or will impact other essential academic functions. LPS instructors should notify LPS directly at or (215) 898-7326.  Faculty should also contact students in their classes using one of the mass email communication systems listed at

2. What do I do if students in my class become ill?
In setting class attendance policy, faculty and instructors should bear in mind that public health officials recommend self-isolation in conjunction with H1N1 influenza.  Students who are ill should not be penalized for following this recommendation.
A number of alternative teaching technologies are available to help instructors manage classes if they are ill or confront large numbers of student absences; please see , which is also linked from the SAS flu page.