Sep 08 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen
Nonstandard analysis: calculus without limits

Nonstandard analysis studies problems of calculus using modern logic rather than epsilons and deltas. We'll go through a gentle introduction to nonstandard reasoning, and include a somewhat less gentle discussion of the construction that makes it rigorous.

Sep 15 Prof. Angela Gibney (Rutgers)
How to prepare for an academic job interview and what to do before you go on the academic job market
Sep 22 Dominick Villano
The Polynomial Method

Somewhat recently, polynomials have been used to provide brief and elegant solutions to problems that had previously been considered very hard. I'll talk about some of these problems/solutions.

Sep 29 Prof. Philip Gressman
Affine Curvature in Harmonic Analysis

In the 1970s, E. Stein and other mathematicians studying fundamental questions related to pointwise convergence of Fourier series discovered surprising new links between this very old problem and the geometry of submanifolds of Euclidean space. These discoveries paved the way for many of the questions at the forefront of modern harmonic analysis. A common element in many of these areas is the role of a strange sort of curvature condition which arises naturally from Fourier-theoretic roots but is poorly understood outside the extreme cases of curves and hypersurfaces. In this talk, I will discuss recent work which combines elements of Geometric Invariant Theory, Convex Geometry, Signal Processing, and other areas to shed light on this problem in intermediate dimensions

Oct 06 Fall Break
Oct 13 Darrick Lee
Oct 20 Michael Gerapetritis
Oct 27 Joe Hoisington

Nov 03 Yao-Rui Yeo
Nov 10 Man Cheung Tsui
Nov 17 Boe Vachiraprasith
Nov 28 Thanksgiving

Dec 01 Marcus Michelen
Dec 08 Prof. Jonathan Block