Math 502, Fall 2017 (recitations)


The best way to contact me is by email (see above). I try to answer administrative questions ("I can't make it to recitation next week" or off-schedule office hour appointments) by the end of the day. Math questions will get either a one-sentence answer, a link to someone else's answer, or "Come to office hours."

Homeworks and grading

Each problem set is graded out of 20 points. Three randomly selected problems will be graded for 5 points each; a further 5 points will be assigned for completing the ungraded problems. Note: this means that if you make at least some attempt on every problem, you get 5 free points.

At the end of the semester your lowest homework grade will be dropped and the rest will be averaged. This homework average is weighted equally to your exam average.

Homeworks should be handed in on paper at the beginning of recitation. If you are late to recitation, your homework is late and you will lose 25% of the points on that homework. (I.e. instead of 16 points you will receive 12). If you do not go to recitation at all, or if you don't bring your homework, I will not accept it later.

If you won't be able to make it to recitation on a particular day, email me your homework in advance and I'll give you full credit. If you can't come on time because of a scheduling conflict, let me know and we'll work something out. And of course if you have a disability that conflicts with any of these homework/grading rules, have SDS get in touch with me and I'll do whatever they say.