Benedict Morrissey

Summer and Fall 2017

There is a Geometric Representation Theory seminar being run by Justin Hilburn. In particular this will look at perverse sheaves and quiver varieties. Notes to appear.

There is a Wall Crossing seminar (partly extending the work of the enumerative derived geometry seminar from last semester) happening this semester (together with Sukjoo Lee, Matei Ionita and Justin Hilburn).

Spring 2017

The Derived Algebraic Geometry seminar (run by Mauro) is continuing. This semester we are looking at applications to enumerative algebraic geometry. In particular the fact that derived spaces naturally have obstruction theories, and applications to Gromov-Witten theory. The seminar meets in 4N30 on Monday at 12 Noon to 1:30PM. Typed (alpha release) notes are available here.

Fall 2016

Together with Ron Donagi, I am running a learning seminar on Topological Field Theories.

Mauro Porta is running a learning seminar on derived algebraic geometry. This seminar is in 4N30 on Wednesdays at 12Noon to 2PM. Matei Ionita and I (though mainly Matei) are keeping a set of notes.

I have been going to the Machine Learning seminar reading through this book.