Benedict Morrissey


  • Topological Field Theories, States of Matter, higher Gerbes and maps of Spectra, University of Oxford, August.
  • Topological Field Theories and Factorization Homology, Third Annual Graduate Student Conference in Algebra, Geometry and Topology, Temple University


  • An Introduction to Mathematical Physics 1: Symplectic Manifolds and Geometric Quantization, First Year PhD Summer Seminar (organized by Esteban Paduro)
  • An Introduction to Mathematical Physics 2: Gauge Theories and Homological Integration, First Year PhD Summer Seminar


  • Representations and A-model Quantization, Colloquium, University of Queensland
  • Representations And Quantization, AMSI Winter School


  • Geometric Langlands Program, AMSI Big Day In
  • Mirror Symmetry on the Hitchin System, ANU MSI Honours Seminar
  • Representations and Quantization, Third Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference
  • Representations and A-model Quantization, ANU MSI Honours Seminar