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I am an assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania, where I have been working since 2011.

Lakes on Mount Blanca

Click for the Syllabus for Math 465/501 - Introduction to Geometry

Magnetic Quadrupole Math 760

Click here for Math 760, Problems in Geometric Analysis, Spring 2015
Image of Teacher Teaching

Click here for previous classes I've taught, notes from some of my lecture series, and discussions of teaching and teaching philosophy
Calabi Yau Research

Click here for a description of my research interests and activities, and other professional information

Penn graduate student Geometry-Topology seminar page

Fall 2013 Office Hours:

  Monday 3p-5p
  Wednesday 1p-3p

Brian Weber
Department of Mathematics
University of Pennsylvania
David Rittenhouse Lab.
209 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6395

Phone: 8-8472
brweber AT math DOT upenn DOT edu