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Current Classes

Quadrupole Math 760 - Problems in Geometric Analysis, Spring 2015

Past Classses


Quadrupole Math 600 - Differentiable Manifolds, Fall 2014

Math 170 Textbook Math 170 - Ideas in Mathematics, Fall 2013


Underdamped System Math 420 - Differential Equations, Summer 2013

First Order Equations and Integrating Factors, Phase Lines, Existence-Uniqueness Theorems, Modelling, Second Order Equations, Linear Systems, Phase Lines, Qualiative Analysis, Resonance, Fundamental Matrices, Non-Linear Systems, Laplace Transforms
D4 Dynkin Diagram Math 651 - Lie Algebras II, Spring 2013

Campbell-Baker-Hausdorff Formula, Lie Algebra Cohomology, Lie Groups, Universal Enveloping Algebras and the PBW Theorem, Representation Theory and Characters, Weyl Dimension and Harish-Chandra Theorems, the Octonions, Clifford Algebras and Spinors, the Exceptional Lie Algebras


G2 Root System Math 650 - Lie Algebras I, Fall 2012

Lie Algebras and Representations, the Adjoint Representation, Engel's Theorem, Lie's Thoerem, the Abstract Jordan Decomposition, Root Systems, and the Classification Theorem
Fany Box Math 170 - Ideas in Mathematics, Spring 2012
Exponential Integrals Math 116 - Honors Calculus



Math 361 - Advanced Calculus II
Fall 2011

Math 420 - Differential Equations
Fall 2011


Future Classes

Geometry and Topology

Special Lectures and Lecture Series

Scott with Books

Epsilon Regularity

Edinburgh, Summer 2013

Moduli Space of Riemannian Manifolds, Canonical Metrics, Riemannian Functionals and Variation Principles, Sobolev and Isoperimetric Inequalities, Moser Iteration, Degeneration and Convergence of Metrics, Bubbles, Orbifolds, and ALE Metrics

USTC Lion Collapsing and F-Structures

USTC, Summer 2011

A Discussion About Teaching

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 What is the purpose of teaching math?

 What is the purpose of learning math?