Math 115 - Homework 2

Due in recitation Wednesday Sep. 13 or Friday Sep. 15.

Reading: Review sections 12.1through 12.5, Read sections 14.3,14.4,14.5 of [C].

Maple :

  • Download and go through: Calculus in three dimensions "Functions of two variables -- plotting, partial derivatives, classification of critical points" and "Tangent planes and linear approximations (differentials) of functions of two variables".
  • Core Problems : sections 12.1through 12.5, and sections 14.3,14.4,14.5 of [C].

    Other problems (an (M) next to the problem means "do with Maple"):

    Sample Exam Questions:

    Texts :

  • [C] Thomas’ Calculus Early Transcendentals Second Custom Edition for the University of Pennsylvania Pearson 2011. ISBN 10: 1-256-32659-3 ISBN 13: 978-1-256-32659-5.
  • [P] Schaum's Outlines Series "Probability", 2nd edition, by Seymour Lipschutz, McGraw Hill ISBN 0-07-135203-1 or 0-07-175561-0.
  • [H] "Linear Algebra" by Jim Hefferon, St. Michael's College; text dowloadable for free from