Math 425 Final Exam Preparation

The Final Exam for Math 425 is scheduled for Wednesday, May 4 from 12-2pm in Cohen Hall 402. This page contains information you need to complete the final exam successfully.

As has been the case for all of our exams, there will be two parts to the final exam, an "at-home" part and an "in-class" part. The differrence is that for the final, the "at-home" part will come first.

For the at-home part, you will need to pick one of the following topics and work the problems connected with it. You must choose which of the topics you are going to do and inform me (by email or in person) by Tuesday, April 26. You may work on this part of the exam in small groups. The number of people in the group may not exceed the number of problems attached to the section (so there are some sections that are restricted to groups of at most two).

On Wednesday the 4th, we'll convene for the exam, and everyone will have one or two short problems to work that are associated with the section you have worked on. At the end of the exam, you should turn in your work from that day along with the solutions to the at-home part. If you have done the at-home part in a group, then the group should turn in their work together, with the restriction that each group member must write up the solution to at least one problem.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Heat equation in 3 dimensions9.4page 253, #1, 3
Schroedinger's equation, Hermite functions and the hydrogen atom9.4 and 9.5 page 253, #4, 5, 6
Spherical coordinates and Legendre 10.3 and 10.6 page 277, # 3, 5, page 293 # 6
Distributions and Green's functions12.2page 342, #3, 4
Fourier transforms12.3page 348, #6, 7, 9
Electromagnetism13.1page 361, #3, 4
Shock waves14.1page 389, #3, 5, 7
Solitons14.2page 395, #1, 2, 13
Calculus of variations14.3page 400, #1, 2, 4
Black-Scholes equation handout handout problems 2,3,4,5

You may also make your own proposal, but I must approve it in advance (i.e., by April 26).