Emily Sergel

Current Teaching

I am not teaching during the Spring 2018 semester.

Past Teaching

Postdoctoral Instructor for Graduate Combinatorial Analysis and Graph Theory (580) at UPENN, Fall 2017.

Postdoctoral Instructure for an active learning section of Calculus I (104A) at UPENN, Fall 2017.

Associate Instructor for Applied Math and Computing (152) at UCSD, Spring 2016.

Teaching Assistant for Calculus II (20B) at UCSD, Fall 2015.

Associate Instructor for Calculus III (10C) at UCSD, Summer Session II of 2014.

Assistant Lecturer for Abstract Algebra (Math 202) at UCSD, Winter 2011-Spring 2012 and Winter 2013-Spring 2014.

Teaching Assistant for Calculus II and III (Math 20B and 20C) at UCSD, Fall 2011-Winter 2012 and Fall 2015.

Recitation Leader for Precalculus (Math 112 and 115) at Rutgers University, Fall 2009-Spring 2011.