From the Chair

Almanac Columns - 1993-94 Academic Year
Gerald J. Porter, Chair

  1. The Year of the Interims
  2. It's Your University ....Let your voice be heard
  3. Searching for a President
  4. Of Schools and Departments
  5. Privacy of Electronic Information
  6. Leges Sine Moribus Vanae
  7. Just Cause
  8. Retirement Transition Program - One size fits none
  9. One College that sees undergraduate life whole
10. Thirty days hath September and we need to use them all
11. Empowering the Provost
12. It's 11 PM - Do you know where your Handbook is?
13. Faculty Responsibilities
14. An Academic Development Center
15. Financial Tails - Academic Dogs
16. Capital thoughts
17. And Penn Will Lead the Way