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Antonella Grassi

Math 202 Fall 2015

Lectures: MWF 9-10 am, Room 4C8
Office Hours: Friday, 1:20-2:15, DRL 3E6
TA: Joe Hoisington, jhois At sas DOT upenn DOT edu, DRL 4C11
TA Office Hours: DRL 4C11, Wednesday 10-11 and Friday 11-12.
Textbook: Class Notes, Algebraic Geometry: A Problem Solving Approach, Introduction to Analysis , Elements of Real Analysis
Syllabus, Homework: Course materials will be posted on Canvas. We will cover sequences, limits continuity, ordering.
Class Attendance is mandatory
Homework: Weekly homework assignments is due every Monday, 9:00 AM, in class. No late homework is be accepted.
Homework policy: Students are encouraged to work together but homework must be written independently. Students will be asked to present homework problems in class.
Midterm policy: No make up midterm will be given. If a note from the Dean's office is provided to justify the absence, the missed midterm will be replaced with the appropriate percentage of the other exams.
In classroom: No laptop. Cell phones should be turned off or turned on silent. Let us respect the desire of others to pay attention: please refrain from talking.
Grades: Homework, quizzes (20%), class participation (5%), three midterm exams (24%, 25%, 26%). Each exam is cumulative. Grades will be posted on Canvas.
1. First Midterm: A6, 9-9:50, Friday, October 2.
2. Tentative, Second Midterm: A6, 9-9:50, Friday November 6.
2. Third Midterm: A6, 9-9:50, Monday December 7.

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