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Antonella Grassi

Math 314-514 Spring 2018

  *The New Syllabus I developed (updated)*
Lectures: T-R 9:00-10:30, Room DRL A1
Office Hours: Tuesday, 11:30-12:30, Thursday 2:30-3:30, DRL 3E6
TA: Aline Zanardini, alinez@sas.upenn.edu
TA Office Hours: T: 5:00-6:00, F 3:00-4:00, DRL 4E14.
Textbooks: Linear Algebra Done Wrong; Linear Algebra (On reserve in the MP Library)
Syllabus, Homework: Course materials will be posted on Canvas
In the classroom: We use no electronic equipment (laptop, cell phones, etc.).
Homework: Weekly homework assignments. First homework due by Friday January 19, by 12:00 PM. Starting on January 29, the homework assignments are due every Monday, 12:00 PM in the TA's mailbox. No late homework is accepted. The lowest homework score is dropped.
More on Homework: Students are encouraged to work together but homework must be written independently. Students will be asked to present homework problems in class and recitations. The homework grade is for completion.
Recitation: Attendance will be taken.
Midterm: No make up midterm will be given. If a note from the Dean's office is provided to justify the absence, the missed midterm will be replaced with the appropriate percentage of the Final.
Exams: Exams are closed book and closed notes. The exams cover the material as covered in class and in the homework assignements.
Grades: Homework, quizzes and class participation (30%), midterm (30%), final (40%). Grades will be posted on Canvas.
1. Midterm: In class, Tentative: February 27, 2018.
2. Final: Tentative
Why we should stop grading students on a curve

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