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Math 104 Lecture 2 - Spring 2011

Prof. David Harbater


Math. Dept. Office: DRL 4W1, (215) 898-8178.

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The course: Math 104 -- Calculus I: Math 104 is a first semester course in calculus for students who have had some introductory exposure to calculus in high school or in Math 103. Those without such experience should first take Math 103. (If you are not sure if you have the right background, you should take the Math 104 diagnostic test.) After a brief review of high school calculus, the course will discuss applications of integration, methods of integration, infinite series, and an introduction to differential equations. The goal of the course is to present both the concepts and the methods used in calculus, so that students will be aware of the relevance of the material and the insights it provides, as well as being able to perform computations when solving specific problems. The course will be designed to emphasize both aspects.

Lectures, MWF 11-12 DRL A1. Recitations, one hour per week (see above).

Text: Stewart, Calculus, 6rd ed. (Chapters 6, 8-10, 12; will also review 1-5, 7.)

The Maple/Calculus Lab Manual and Maple software are also available.

In addition, clickers will be used in lecture, beginning in the third week. Students should bring their clickers to class, after registering them on Blackboard and setting the channel to 41. Clickers can be bought at the university bookstore. They can also be purchased online, using the code Bg2Y to get Penn's discounted pricing.

Homework: Weekly problem sets, due to TA in recitation, handed in individually. Lowest one dropped. Problem sets will be available online the previous week.

Quizzes: Will be given during most recitations, on the material discussed that week in recitation and on the homework due that week. Students should come to recitation assuming that a quiz will be given. Many of the quiz problems will be adapted from core probems. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped.

Exams: Three in-class exams, and a final exam after the end of classes.

Sample Exam 1, and answers.

Sample Exam 2, and answers. Additional study problems for exam 2, and answers.

Sample Exam 3 and answers. Additional study problems for exam 3, and answers.

Old final exams for Math 104. Sample Final Exam and answers. Additional study problems for final exam, with answers. (Optional review sessions: Thurs., April 28, 9:30-11am & 12-1:30pm, DRL A6.)

More exam information.

Semester calendar:


Individual Grade information is on Blackboard.

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