Homework assignments, Math 104, Lec 2, Spring 2011

Homework will be assigned weekly, and available on this page. Problem sets will include both routine exercises and more thought-provoking problems. Both types are key to the course.

In addition to the problems that you are assigned to hand in, you should also read the relevant parts of the textbook, and do the core problems corresponding to those sections (but not hand those in). Homework is due in recitation. Late submissions will not be accepted, but the lowest homework grade will be dropped. The TA will grade selected problems on each problem set, giving partial credit where appropriate. Additional points will be given for submitting a complete assignment, regardless of whether the correct answers are obtained.

It is important to allot adequate time to each homework assignment, and to work on each assignment over a period of several days. For many students it will take about five or six hours to complete each assignment properly, but some students will find that it will take more or less time than that. Students are expected to form study groups with two or three others in their recitation, and are encouraged to work on and discuss their homework assignments with the others in their groups. The actual write-up of each assignment, however, should be done individually, and should not be copied from anyone else's work.

Syllabus and core problems

Weekly assignments

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