Grade Information for Math 370

The grades in Math 370 were assigned based on the student's performance on the exams (40%), problem sets (40%), and participation (20%). The computation was done by taking a weighted grade point average of these three components (with weights .4, .4, .2). The grades on these components were computed from the raw scores as follows:

Exams (out of 200; sum of the scores on the two midterms and the final):

Problem sets (out of 156; sum of the scores on the best 13 assignments):

Participation (out of 39; up to 3 points for each of 13 labs, based on attendance, class discussion, and presentations):

Weighted grade point averages that were equidistant from two grades were rounded up to the next letter grade (e.g. a weighted average of 3.15 became a grade of B+). Those that were just under a cut-off were rounded up if the student received extra credit for the sample final exam.

Individual grade information is available on Canvas.

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