Math 371, Spring 2008


Course structure:
Description of course: This is the second semester of a year-long undergraduate course in algebra. This semester will emphasize topics concerning groups, rings, and fields. The basics of linear algebra (as covered in Math 370) will be assumed, and will be used where appropriate in the course.

The course will be varied, involving theory, computations, and examples. It is open to undergraduate students, both to math majors and others. Math 503 is a more advanced and more theoretical course in algebra than Math 371, and that course is open both to undergraduate and graduate students. Students are expected to have taken Math 370 or the equivalent, and to be familiar with vector spaces and matrices. Students who would like a reference on linear algebra may wish to look at the book "Linear Algebra" by K. Hoffman and R. Kunze, or the book of the same title by Lipschutz and Lipson in the Schaum Outline series. Some prior familiarity with the concepts of groups, rings, algebras, and fields would be helpful but not essential. Students who would like another reference to the topics of Math 371 may wish to consult "A First Course in Abstract Algebra" by John Fraleigh, or "Schaum's Outline of Abstract Algebra" by Lloyd Jaisingh.

Homework assignments for Math 371

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