Math 502, Fall 2006

Abstract Algebra

Course structure:
Description of course: This is a the first semester of a year-long masters level course in algebra, discussing groups, rings, fields, vector spaces, and modules. The fall semester will cover roughly the first half of the text, which emphasizes linear algebra and group theory.

The course will be varied, involving theory, computations, and examples. It is open both to undergraduates and graduate students, from the Mathematics Department and elsewhere at Penn. The course is more in-depth than Math 370, but is less abstract and less general than Math 602. Students are not expected to have prior familiarity with groups, rings, fields or modules, but are expected to have seen and worked with vectors and matrices (e.g. knowing about eigenvectors and diagonalization of matrices). Those who need to brush up on their linear algebra background, or who would like an additional reference for this material during the semester, may wish to look at the paperback book "Linear Algebra" by Lipschutz and Lipson in the Schaum Outline series, or at a standard text like "Linear Algebra" by Hoffman and Kunze.

Homework assignments for Math 502

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