Exam 2 for Math 502, Fall 2017

Exam 2 was held on Mon., Dec. 11. Problem Set 15 was the sample exam. The exam was out of a total of 100 (four problems worth 10 points each, and four worth 15 points each). This exam and the previous one together count the same amount as the homeworks (collectively) toward the course grade. (A portion of the course grade is based on participation in class and lab.)

Half of the class did rather well on the exam, though with scores that were not as high as on the first exam. As with the first exam, the other half of the class had grades that were quite spread out. As a reflection of this, the bottom scores in the top quartile, second quartile, and third quartile were 93, 85, and 65. The most common score was 100, and the second most common score was 85. To give an idea of how to interpret the numerical grades, scores of 85 and above can be viewed as in the A range (from A- to A+) and those between 64 and 84 can be viewed as in the B range (from B- to B+)

Individual grade information is available on Canvas.

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