Math 503, Spring 2007

Abstract Algebra

Course structure:
Description of course: This is a the second semester of a year-long masters level course in algebra that discusses groups, rings, fields, vector spaces and modules. The spring semester will cover roughly the second half of the text, which includes a number of topics. The emphasis will be on rings, fields, modules, and Galois theory.

The course will be varied, involving theory, computations, and examples. It is open both to undergraduates and graduate students, from the Mathematics Department and elsewhere at Penn. The course is more in-depth than Math 371, but is less abstract and less general than Math 603. Students are expected to have some prior familiarity with vector spaces and groups (e.g. the spectral theorem and the Sylow theorems), and the course will assume material from Math 502 (corresponding to the first half of the Artin text).

Homework assignments for Math 503

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