Math 520/620/702, Fall 2011

Quadratic forms

Quadratic forms: This course will study quadratic forms from an algebraic and arithmetic point of view. It is intended for a wide range of students, ranging from advanced undergraduates who have had Math 502/503 or the equivalent, to grad students who might already have taken the more usual version of Math 620 (class field theory). Topics will include quadratic spaces, Witt groups and rings, quaternion algebras, Brauer group, quadratic forms over local and global fields, Hasse-Minkowski, and field invariants.

Class schedule: Mon and Wed, 1:30-3pm in DRL 4C8.

Homework assignments for Math 502

Student presentations: Presentations can be made individually, or in groups of two or three, depending on the scope of the presentation. Individual presentations should be for 20-30 minutes; group presentations should be about twice that length. Presentations can be made on suggested topics or on other approved topics. Presentations will be made at the beginning of class, beginning November 21, until the last day of class. Topics and dates need to be reserved and approved in advance. To request or reserve a topic, as well as to reserve a time, email Prof. Harbater.

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