Math 602, Fall 2015

Graduate Algebra

First semester graduate algebra.
Topics include:

Class schedule: Mon and Fri, 1:30-3pm in DRL 4N30, starting Monday, Aug. 31. There will be no class on Mon., Sept. 7; Mon., Sept. 14; Fri., Sept. 25; Fri., Oct. 2; Fri., Oct. 9; Fri., Nov. 27. There will also be some classes on Wednesdays at 1:30 or 2 in DRL 4E19. Details will be announced; tentative dates are Sept. 16 (1:30), Sept. 30 (2:00), Oct. 7 (2:00), Oct. 14 (1:30), Nov. 25 (1:30). The last class is on Mon., Dec. 8.

Homework assignments for Math 602

Sample exam. Exam scores: The distribution of scores on the exam was as follows (out of 75): Median: 66. Quartiles: 63 and 69. Scores are available on Canvas.

General information about the graduate mathematics program

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