Curriculum Vitae

David Harbater

Education:      A.B., Harvard University, June, 1974, summa cum laude in  
                   mathematics, Phi Beta Kappa.              
                M.S., in mathematics, Brandeis University, June, 1975.
                Ph.D. in mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
                   June 1978.  Sigma Xi. Thesis Advisor:  Michael Artin
                M.A., honorary, University of Pennsylvania, May, 1984.

Awards:         AMS Postdoctoral Fellow, 1978-79.
                NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 1982-83.
                Sloan Fellowship, 1984-87.
                Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra, 1995.
                Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1995.
                Fellow of the AMS, 2012

Position:       University of Pennsylvania, Department of Mathematics,
                   Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor in SAS.

Selected talks: International Symposium on the Inverse Galois Problem,
                   Oxford University, April 1990.
                University of Paris at Orsay, Algebra Seminar, June 1993.
                University of Heidelberg (Germany), Colloquium and
                   algebra seminar talks, June 1993.
                Max Planck Institute (Bonn), Arbeitstagung, June 1993.
                International Congress of Mathematicians (Zurich),
                   Algebraic Geometry Section, August 1994.
                International Workshop on Galois Theory, University of  
                   Heidelberg (Germany), June 1995.
                International Workshop on Galois Theory, University of
                   Lille (France), June 1996.
                Ohio State University, Mathematical Conference on the 90th  
                   Birthday of Arnold Ross, August 1996.
                University of Tennessee (Chattanooga), AMS Meeting, 
                   Invited Hour Address, October 1996.
                University of Florida (Gainesville), Galois Theory 
                   Conference, Invited Address,  October 1996.
                Oberwolfach, meeting on Arithmetic Fundamental Groups, 
                   June 1997.
                Max Planck Institute (Bonn), Arbeitstagung, June 1997.
                University of Washington (Seattle), AMS Conference on
                   Curves over Finite Fields, July 1997.
                Oberwolfach, meeting on Field Arithmetic, July 1998.
                Conference on Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry, ICM '98 
                   Satellite, University of Essen (Germany), August 1998.
                University of Florida (Gainesville), AMS meeting, 
                   Special Session on Galois Theory, March 1999.
                Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (Berkeley), 
                   AMS von Neumann Symposium, August 1999.
                Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Workshop on 
                   constructive Galois theory, October 1999.
                Purdue University, Conference in honor of S.S. Abhyankar's
                   70th birthday, July 2000.
                University of Missouri, hour address at Algebra Weekend
                   Conference, April 2001.  
                Luminy, Workshop on arithmetic fundamental groups, June
                University of Paris, Conference in honor of M.Raynaud,
                   June 2001.
                Princeton University, algebraic geometry seminar, February
                CUNY Graduate Center, arithmetic algebraic geometry
                   seminar, March 2002.
                Oberwolfach, workshop on arithmetic and differential 
                   Galois groups, July 2002. 
                University of Florida (Gainesville), Conference on 
                   Galois theory, November 2002.
                Brown University, colloquium, November 2002.
                Banff Centre, meeting on arithmetic fundamental groups,
                   September 2003.
                University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, AMS meeting, 
                   Special session on Group actions on curves, 
                   October 2003.
                Luminy (France), Workshop on algebraic and differential
                   Galois theory, March 2004.
                University of Leiden (Netherlands), Workshop on
                   automorphisms of curves, August 2004.
                Mathematics Department Colloquium, Rice University, 
                   November 2005.
                Oberwolfach, workshop on the arithmetic of fields,
                   February 2006. 
                MSRI, program on Rational and Integral Points on Higher-
                   Dimensional Varieties, April 2006.
                Temple University Mathematics Colloquium, September 2006.
                RIMS, Kyoto University, workshop on arithmetic Galois 
                   theory and related moduli spaces, October 2006.
                University of California at Berkeley, algebraic geometry 
                   seminar, December 2006.
                Princeton University, algebraic geometry seminar, April     
                Oberwolfach, workshop on algebraic and differential
                   Galois theory, May 2007.
                Tel Aviv University, Sackler Lecture series (two talks),
                   May 2007.
                University of Heidelberg (Germany), colloquium, July 2008.
                Columbia University, algebraic geometry seminar, 
                   November 2008.
                AMS Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., special session on 
                   group actions on curves, January 2009.
                University of Aachen (Germany), algebra seminar, 
                   January 2009.
                Oberwolfach, workshop on field arithmetic, 
                   February 2009.
                Emory University, Mathematics Colloquium, February 2009.
                University of Arizona, Mathematics Colloquium, April 2009.
                Columbia University, conference on spaces of curves 
                   and diophantine problems, June 2009.
                Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
                   Cambridge University (UK), workshop on non-abelian  
                   fundamental groups in algebraic geometry, July 2009.
                Courant Institute, NYU, joint number theory seminar,
                   November 2009.
                University of Aachen, algebra seminar, December 2009.
                University of Michigan, colloquium, January 2010.
                University of Heidelberg (Germany), talk at workshop on 
                   arithmetic and differential Galois groups and at 
                   workshop on fundamental group arithmetic (two talks), 
                   February 2010.
                University of Paris at Orsay, seminar on arithmetic and
                   algebraic geometry, May 2010.
                RIMS, Kyoto University, workshop on Galois-Teichmuller 
                   theory and anabelian geometry, October 2010.
                University of Maryland, Mathematics Colloquium, 
                   November 2010.
                Brown University, algebraic geometry seminar,
                   December 2010.
                AIM, workshop on deformation theory, patching, quadratic 
                   forms, and the Brauer group, January 2011.
                Emory University, conference on Ramification in Algebraic
                   Geometry, plenary lecture, May 2011.
                El Escorial (Spain), conference on valuation theory,
                   July 2011.
                University of Luxembourg, Winter School on Galois Theory,
                   series of four talks, February 2012.
                University of Arizona, Arizona Winter School on 
                   ramification in geometry, two talks, March 2012.
                Penn State University, Colloquium, April 2012. 
                Emory University, algebra and number theory seminar, April 2012.
                University of Georgia, algebra seminar, April 2012.
                Oberwolfach, weeklong seminar on algebraic groups and patching, 
                   series of four talks, October 2012.
                AMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, special session on 
                   Brauer groups, January 2013.
                Aachen University (Germany), colloquium, January 2014.
                Emory University, algebra seminar, May 2014. 
                Joint meeting of AMS and Israel Mathematical Union, Bar Ilan 
                   University and Tel Aviv University, two talks, in special 
                   session on field arithmetic and in special session on Brauer 
                   groups, June 2014.
                University of Lille (France), talk in Number Theory Days 
                   conference, June 2014.
                Oberwolfach, workshop on valuation theory, October 2014.
                University of Virginia, colloquium, November 2014.
                New York Joint Number Theory Seminar, NYU, February 2015.
                Boston College-MIT Joint Number Theory Seminar, March 2015.
                Pingree Park (Colorado), Brauer Group meeting, June 2015.
                BIRS (Banff, Canada), workshop on Lifting Problems and Galois 
                   Theory, August 2015.
                University of Michigan, colloquium, November 2015.  
                Notre Dame University, colloquium, April 2017.
                NYU, algebraic geometry seminar, April 2017.
                CUNY, Kolchin workshop on differential algebra, April 2017. 
                BIRS (Banff, Canada), workshop on nilpotent fundamental groups,
                   June 2017.
                Fields Institute (Toronto, Canada), workshop on differential 
                   Galois theory, July 2017.
                University of Caen (France), conference on algebraic geometry with
                   fancy coefficients, November 2017.     
                University of Georgia, joint Athens-Atlanta number theory seminar,
                   February 2018. 
Research papers: Recent papers. Earlier papers.

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