Fall 2019 Math 602 Algebra

General Info

Instructor: Julia Hartmann, DRL 4N38
(215)898-7847, hartmann@math.upenn.edu
By appointment
Lecture: MF 10:30-12, 4C8.
Homework Lab: W 11-1, 4E9. I will be present for about an hour during that time.
Book: Algebra
Thomas W. Hungerford
Springer Verlag 2003, ISBN 978-0387905181
The book is meant as a standard reference for the course material. I will be giving other references during the class, and I will be posting my class notes.

Course Content

The course will cover group theory, an introduction to ring theory, as well as linear algebra. A preliminary syllabus can be found here .

Grading Policy

Weekly homework assignments will be posted. The due date is posted with each respective assigment.
There will be an exam given the last day of classes, December 9.
Grading will be based equally on the homework and the exam.


Not all of the material covered in this class will be from the textbook. It is very important that you attend the lecture and take notes.