The CAGE (Combinatorics, Algebra, and Geometry) Seminar Homepage

The 2017-2018 CAGE seminar is co-organized by
Linda Chen of Swarthmore College, Jim Haglund of Penn, Liz Milićević of Haverford College, and Greta Panova of Penn.

We meet on Thursdays from 3-4pm at Penn in DRL 3C6 (and sometimes on Tuesdays from 3-4 pm at Drexel in Korman 245).
See the table below for our schedule for the 2017-2018 Academic year.

You won't want to miss this years MAAGC 2018 conference, April 27-28, 2018, which features talks by Sylvie Corteel, Allen Knutson, Franco Saliola, and Monica Vazirani!

Past CAGE Seminars

The 2017-2018 CAGE Seminar Schedule

Date                   Speaker                             Title (click on title to see abstract)                            
9/14 Siddhartha Sahi, Rutgers Algebraic combinatorics: some interactions and applications
9/28 Stephen Melczer, Penn Effective Analytic Combinatorics in Several Variables
10/5 Nathan Williams, UT Dallas Doppelgängers (this seminar talk will held at Drexel in Korman Center 245)
10/12 Pasha Pylyavskyy, University of Minnesota Molecules and dual equivalence graphs in affine type A
10/26 George Wang, University of Pennsylvania Combinatorics of quasi-Yamanouchi tableaux
11/2 Adriano Garsia, UCSD A proof of the Delta conjecture for q=0
11/9 No seminar due to Radmacher Lecture by Bjorn Poonen
11/16 Rekha Biswal, Université of Laval Demazure flags: A combinatorial journey
11/23 Thanksgiving Break
11/30 Mark Skandera, Lehigh University Evaluations of Hecke algebra traces at the wiring diagram basis
1/18 Andy Wilson, Penn The Combinatorics of Symmetric Quotient Rings
2/1 Elizabeth Drellich, Swarthmore College The Containment Poset of Type A Hessenberg Varieties
2/8 No CAGE this week due to talk at Drexel by Moon Duchin of Tufts University: Math, Data Algorithms and Voting Rights
2/15 Kyle Meyer, UC San Diego Descent Representations of Generalized Coinvariant Algebras
2/22 Devra Garfinkle Johnson Domino Tableaux, Descent Sets, Knuth Transforms, and Kazhdan-Lusztig Cells
3/1 Joel Brewster Lewis, George Washington University Reflection length in affine reflection groups
3/8 Penn's Spring Break
3/15 No CAGE due to Radamacher lectures
3/29 Dun Qiu, UC San Diego Conjectures for the delta operator expression $\Delta'_{e_k}\Delta_{h_r}e_n$
4/5 Ira Gessel, Brandeis University Rational functions with nonnegative power series coefficients
4/12 No CAGE due to Radamacher lectures
4/27 Franco Saliola, UQAM (Special MAAGC/CAGE talk) A Murnaghan-Nakayama rule for quantum cohomology of the flag manifold
5/3 Michael Tait, Carnegie Mellon University Using random polynomials in extremal graph theory