Man Cheung Tsui
 David Rittenhouse Lab 4C15


2018 Fall   Math 202 Proving Things: Analysis
2018 Spring 
2017 Fall   Math 370 Algebra

Grad Student Seminars

Lang's thesis


Did my undergrad at UCLA. Third year at Penn.
I like algebraic number theory and running.

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NYC Facts. Subways. Bridges. Steam. City Hall Station. Water Towers. NY Library card allows entries to museums. How to talk to someone.
Philly. Krispy Kreme buys (gains majority stake) Insomnia Cookies, July 2018.
CA. Med fly.
NYT. Napster. Diet.
70 People. Hardest Thing. Regret. Happiest Day. Advice. Biggest Historical Event in Life.
HK. 香港歷史系列 III:香港報業. History of SCMP.

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Ask youths "What are you interested in?", not "What do you want to do?", as they don't know this exactly and the latter can give them anxiety. If unsure which career to start after school, look up your country’s skill shortage list for suggestions. Car buying. Popcorn popularized by Great Depression.

Female bell peppers have 4 bumps on bottom, are full of seeds but sweeter and better for raw eating; males have 3 bumps, better for cooking. Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. Featured AHK scripts.

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Critical Reading

Not a zero sum game.
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Symmetry argument.

Dank learning. Scutoid. Cryptography. Safe curves.

Function field analogy.

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Games to kill boredom

Geoguessr. Pandemic 2. Find the invisible cow. Line rider Robot unicorn attack. Age of war. Thing thing arena. Super mario 63.