Marcus Michelen

Math PhD Student

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in probability and combinatorics. My research is currently focused on percolation on Galton-Watson trees as well as the distribution of coefficients of polynomials based on the location of their roots. My advisor is Robin Pemantle.

I took my qualifying exam on November 10, 2015; I had a major topic of probabilistic combinatorics and a minor topic of algebraic number theory.



In Preparation

  • Three Central Limit Theorems Based on the Locations of Roots of Probability Generating Functions joint with Julian Sahasrabudhe
  • Quenched Survival of Bernoulli Percolation on Gatlon-Watson Trees joint with Robin Pemantle and Josh Rosenberg

Selected Talks

Short Talks

University of Pennsylvania Probability Seminar

Grad Student Seminars