231--Tuesday 8:30-9:20am DRLB 2C6
232--Tuesday 9:30-10:20am DRLB 2C6
233--Thursday 8:30-9:20am DRLB 2C6
234--Thursday 9:30-10:20am DRLB 2C6

Information: Please read the syllabus, posted by Professor Silberstein on blackboard, for important information regarding the course. This includes homework policy, grading, and dates to keep in mind.

There will be no quizzes in recitation. Homework is a very important part of this course and should be taken seriously.

The main focus of recitation this semester will be problem solving. If you have any questions about anything relevant to the course, please feel free to email me.

Graded Homework Problems:
9.4: # 6.
9.5: # 12.
12.1: # 60, 66.
12.3: # 17, 48.

The rest are on Blackboard.