Math 602 course page (under construction)

Syllabus, Homeworks


MF 1:30-3pm DRL 4C2


First midterm: Oct 17, Monday, in-class

Second midterm: Dec 9, Monday, in-class

Office hours:

DRL 3N4B, MF 12:30-1:30pm or by appointment.

DRL 3N2A, R 4-5pm (Ben's office hour)


Aluffi: Algebra 0, Matsumura: Commutative Ring Theory


1. Category theory: categories, functors, natural transformations, Yoneda lemma, limits/colimits, free object

2. Group theory: group action, Sylow theorem, Jordan-Holder, semi-direct products, Schur-Zassenhaus theorem - group cohomology at one point

3. Ring theory: Nullstellensatz, Primary decomposition, Nakayama lemma, Krull intersection theorem, going up, going down

4. Module theory: projective, injective modules, resolutions, Wedderburn-Artin theorem, tensor product, Ext functos, Tor functor

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