Math 503 course page

Syllabus, Homeworks


TR 12-1:30 DRL 4C4


First midterm: Feb 14, in-class

Second midterm: Apr 25, in-class

Office hours:

DRL 3N4B, TR 1:30-2:30 or by appointment.

Michael's office hours: MW 4:30-5:30 in 3C11.


Artin: Algebra, but mainly I will follow my own notes.


1. Introduction to rings; number theory in rings

Treat: Fermat's Last Thm for n=3

2. Galois theory

Treat: No "quadratic formula" for degree 5 equations; describe geometric objects constructible using compass and straightedge

3. Module theory

Treat: finitely generated modules over PID's

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