Neel Patel

Welcome to my home page!

About me

I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania. My advisor is Robert Strain. I completed my BSc in mathematics at the University of Chicago in 2012. I am currently under the Dean Dissertation Completion Fellowship, which is awarded annually to a selective group of PhD candidates in the UPenn School of Arts and Sciences. I have been awarded the The Carlitz-Zippin Prize for best Ph.D. thesis, awarded each year to a finishing Ph.D. student for an especially meritorious thesis that lives up to the high standards of the prize’s namesakes.

Here is a copy of my Curriculum Vitae. Addditionally, on this website, you can find information about my Research (links to papers, notes), Teaching (courses taught, awards), and Mathematical Activities (organizational activities, conferences, talks).


  1. Robert M. Strain;
  2. Philip T. Gressman;
  3. Jonathan Luk;
  4. Robert Glassey;
  5. David Harbater; (teaching)