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Above: Walden and Simi at pre-prom, Walden parents at graduation, Walden and Maria at Bonnaroo, Simi and Butterbell, Robin and Diana, just Robin
Below: View of home, obscured by the clematis

New Years Trip to Chile 2018

        The Mepuche Museum:  

Termas Geometericas Hot Springs:

        And a cold waterfall:  

Wine touring:

What we were up to in 2015-2017 ...


February 2016, ISCAP launches its new website:      

Cover of Diana's newest book                 Cover of Robin's Book                       Meeting the extended family                                                                       Meeting Yemane's family: father Haile and sister Fiyori


From 2010: Autumn at Grandview

Mnemonic songs, to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw"

The Presidents, in order of appearance

African countries in rhyming order

And our favorite Mnemonic sentence, for the components of the digestive tract (click for explanation): Mother Eats Squirrel Guts Because She Is Living In Rural Arkansas.

Family newsletter from June, 2004

Family newsletter from March, 2002

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