Robert M. Strain

Robert M. Strain

Robert M. Strain

Welcome to my homepage. I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics, and an affiliated faculty member of the Applied Mathematics and Computational Science graduate program, at the University of Pennsylvania.

My research focuses on the analysis of non-linear partial differential equations which arise in physical contexts. I have particular interests in the equations of gas dynamics and fluid flow.





    Department of Mathematics
    University of Pennsylvania
    David Rittenhouse Lab
    209 South 33rd Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-6395
    Phone: (215) 898-4828
    Office: DRL 3E5


I gratefully acknowledge current and past research support for my research from the National Science Foundation in the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS-1764177, DMS-1500916, DMS-1200747, DMS-0901463, DMS-0602513) and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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