Robert M. Strain, PhD

Mathematics 608: Real Analysis

Fall 2009 Class: TR 12-1:30PM in DRL 3C2

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Professor: Robert Strain

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Main Textbook: Stein & Shakarchi. Real Analysis. Measure Theory, Integration, & Hilbert Spaces.

Other Useful References:
Lieb & Loss, Analysis. 2nd Ed.
Folland. Real Analysis. Modern Techniques and Their Applications.
Wheeden & Zygmund. Measure and Integral.
And many more...

This course will cover the rigorous foundations of graduate real analysis. Essentially Chapter 1 - 5 of Stein & Shakarchi, also parts of Chapter 6 - 7, and other topics time permitting and depending upon the interests of the participants.

September 10 - First Class
November 26-29 - Thanksgiving Break
December 10 - Last Class, Review Session

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