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by Dr. Robert Ghrist


211 Monday 9-10 AM
212 Monday 10-11 AM
213 Wednesday 8-9 AM
214 Wednesday 9-10 AM

Office & Hours

Office: DRL 1N1
Hours: Thursdays, 4-6 PM

Grading Policy

Homeworks 5%
Full Credit: Timely, complete and neat homeworks will receive full credit.
Partial Credit: late, partially done or sloppy homeworks will receive partial credit.
No Credit: Not-turned-in homeworks will receive no credit.

Hint: Generally no individual problems will be graded, please don't hesitate to ask if you are not sure about certain homework problem.

Quizzes & Practice Midterms

Quizzes will not be graded. Most quiz problems are from past final exams.

Quiz1: Problems, Solution.
Practice Midterm1: Problems, Solution.
Midterm1: Problems & Solution.
Practice Midterm2: Problems, Solution.
Midterm2: Problems & Solution.
Practice Midterm3: Problems, Solution.

Useful Links:

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