Math 240--Section 001: Calculus III (Differential Equations and Linear Algebra)

Instructor: Michael Wibmer


Office: 4N61 DRL

Office Hours: Monday 4:15-5:15 and Tuesday 2:00-3:00

Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday 10:30-12:00, MEYH B1

201 Wednesday 8-9AM DRLB 4E19
202 Wednesday 9-10AM DRLB 4E19
203 Friday 8-9AM DRLB 4E9
204 Friday 9-10AM DRLB 4E9
205 Wednesday 8-9AM DRLB 4N30
206 Wednesday 9-10AM DRLB 4N30
207 Friday 8-9AM DRLB 4E19
208 Friday 9-10AM DRLB 4E19

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