Yao-Rui's Not-So-Secret Page

More about my name

My name is pronounced "Yau-Ruay", although I respond to "Yau" and "Yau-Ruee" as well.

This is my actual name: 楊曜瑞.

In case you find my Chinese name too hard to write, try writing my name in Bopomofo: ㄧㄤˊㄧㄠˋㄖㄨㄟˋ .

Some other stuff

I find algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and theoretical physics interesting as well, not just number theory.

I like Mahjong, HotS, and any non-trading card or board game.

I play the piano, and can play a bit of string instruments.

All pianos beware: I cannot resist playing on you if I see you in public.

I wish I have a good grand piano, and time to regularly play on.

I wish I have time to learn more languages.

Useful Links

There are lots of useful links. One of them is the Number Theory Web and its Conference Listings.