Yao-Rui's Not-So-Secret Page

More about my name

My name is pronounced "Yau-Ruay", although I respond to "Yau" and "Yau-Ruee" as well.

This is my actual name: 楊曜瑞.

In case you find my Chinese name too hard to write, try writing my name in Bopomofo: ㄧㄤˊㄧㄠˋㄖㄨㄟˋ .

Some other stuff

I play the piano, and can play a bit of string instruments.

I like playing Mahjong, HotS, and any non-trading card or board game.

I find algebraic geometry, harmonic analysis, and theoretical physics interesting as well, not just number theory.

Bourbon Seminar Fall 2017

This was a thing in the past; now we just have irregular board game nights. More information about this historical event can be found here.

Fun Talks Outside Bourbon Seminar

Here are some fun talks I have given, for example in the Pizza Seminar. By default they are related to number theory.

Other Seminars

I go to a few local seminars (including graduate student reading seminars) and occasionally attend outside conferences and workshops, perhaps giving talks in some of them. However, those are not that fun unless you happen to like number theory. The more serious ones will be documented at some other place.