Math 180: Analytical Methods for Economics, Law, and Medicine
Fall 2015

Instructor: Yuecheng Zhu
Office: DRL 4C7
Office hours: Monday 5 pm- 6 pm, Tues 6 pm-7 pm
Grader: Anna Pun
Office: DRL 3E2
Office hours: Friday 2-4 pm
Course Guide
  • Class meeting: MWF 12-1pm, DRL 3C2
  • Textbook: Not required, but Analytic Methods for Law, 2nd ed, by Jackson etc is recommended. The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow is an interesting reading. Since there is no standard textbook to follow, you should come to class and take notes.
  • Grading: Participation and Homework 25%, Two mid terms exams (25% each) 50%, A final paper 25%
  • Syllabus
  • Notes for Oct 6 lecture images/180%20Oct%206.pdf
  • Definition of evolutionarily stability images/Definition%20of%20E.S./definition%20of%20E.S.%20.pdf
  • Notes for the last part: Options images/180%20options.pdf
Exam: The first mid-term is scheduled on Oct 2, Friday. The second mid-term is on Nov 2, Monday.
Final paper: First, you should form a group of four or five people. Please sign your groups on Canvas. Feel free to name your group.

Each group will work on a project and submit an paragraph of abstract on Nov 2, Monday.

Each group gives a 15 min slide presentation in November, after Thanksgiving. Send me the slides, if you'd like to share them with future classes. Here are some samples of slides from previous classes.
Each member of the group should work on different parts of the project and write the final paper on his/her own. Show clearly which part is your contribution to the project in the final paper. The paper is due on Dec 15. The Text should be 5-10 pages (double-space the lines). Everything including diagrams, pictures, references should be within 15 pages.