Math 312: Linear Algebra
Fall 2015

Instructor: Yuecheng Zhu
Office: DRL 4C7
Office Hours: Wednesday 5 pm-6 pm, Thursday 6 pm-7 pm
Grader: Yuhang Liu
Office: DRL 3W1
Office Hours: Monday 5 pm-6 pm
Course Guide
  • Class meeting:MWF 10-11am, DRL A6
  • Textbook: Linear Algebra, 2nd ed, by Kenneth Hoffman & Ray Kunze. Free version available online.
  • Prerequisites: Math 240
  • Grading: Homework 30%, Two mid term exams (20% each) 40%, Final exam 30%.
  • Syllabus
Exam: The first mid-term is scheduled on Wednesday, Sep 30th. The second mid-term is scheduled on Friday, Nov 20. The final is on Monday, Dec 14. 9-11 am DRL A4.