Math 432: Game Theory
Spring 2016

Instructor: Yuecheng Zhu
Office: DRL 4C7
Office Hours: 7-9 pm Mon
Grader: Joshua Rosenberg
Office: DRL 3N2C
Office Hours: 2-3 pm Wed, Fri
Course Guide
  • Class meeting: TR 12-1:30 pm, DRL 3C8
  • Textbook: "Game Theory" by Thomas Ferguson
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Grading: Homework 25%, Two mid term exams 25% each, Final exam 25%. NO late homework will be accepted except for the following reasons: sickness, family emergency, playing games for the school. In those cases, you need to notify me before the deadline of the homework! No extra credits. 
  • Game theory is an interesting and young subject that has many applications in economies and other areas. This class focuses on the mathematical aspects of game theory. We will cover the standard topics like impartial combinatorial games, two person (zero-sum and general sum) games. We will introduce some of the basic ideas and approaches. The statements of theorems are rigorous. However, no previous experience with game theory is required.
  • For tentative schedules see  Syllabus