Spring 2002

 Math 150 Section 001 (only section)
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 Law 749/Math 475
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This is a combined course; law students and undergraduates will attend the same lectures but the work required will differ. (Follow the appropriate link.) In lieu of a final examination, all students will write a term paper (10 to 15 pages) analyzing some case or policy issue where statistics plays (played or should have played) a significant or decisive role.  You will have a wide choice of topic but you must consult with me and I must approve it.  After choosing your topic, there will be individual meetings with me on the progress of the paper.  Law students will be scheduled to give brief presentations to the entire class during the last two weeks of the semester. (Two students may choose the same topic provided they have opposing views; their presentations can then be in the form of a debate.)  Each student will prepare a one-page summary of his or her paper; the law students giving presentations must prepare the summary in advance of the presentation for distribution to the entire class.  All papers, in final form, will be due in the first week of the exam period. (If there is time, undergraduates who wish to may also give presentations to the class. If it is not feasible to give to all who desire, I may make a selection based on the summaries submitted.)
There will be no class on Thursday, March 28 and on the following Thursday, April 4. These fall during Passover and I will not be available.  Instead of making up these days with lectures, I will schedule individual or group conferences (as you prefer) on the topics you have chosen and on the progress of your papers.
The University recess is the week of March 11. You should have an idea of your topic and have met with me about it before the beginning of the recess.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at mgersten@math.upenn.edu.

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