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Brief Curriculum Vitae:

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General Infomration Born Brooklyn, N.Y., 5/6/27 

1945-47: Infantry, Army of the United States. 

B.S., Yale University, Mathematics, 1948.
Ph.D., University of Chicago, Mathematics, 1951.
J.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1973. 
Awards Frank B. Jewett Postdoctoral Fellowships: 
    Harvard University, 1951-52.
    Institute for Advanced Study, 1952-53. 
Employment Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, 1953-58. 

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania 1958-61.

Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania 1961-present.

Chairman of Faculty Senate, University of Pennsylvania, 1982-83.

Admitted to Pennsylvania bar, 1974.

Lecturer in Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School (alternate years, course on Statistics for Law). 

Invited Talks
Opening of Euler International Mathematics Institute, Leningrad, October '90. 


Activities for the American Mathematical Society Created series of joint AMS-MAA-SIAM symposia on "Some Mathematical Questions in Biology" 

Former member of Council

Former Managing Editor of Bulletin

Present member and former Chair of Committee on Academic Freedom, Tenure and Employment Security

Member of ad hoc Committee on Professional Ethics (drafted Ethical Guidelines). 

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