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Penn Mathematics Colloquium

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 4:30pm

Andrew Blumberg

University of Texas


University of Pennsylvania


Please note the special day and time for this talk. And tea will be served at 4pm in 4E17 DRL.

Nearly 40 years ago, Bousfield and Ravenel noticed that the operations on p-adic complex K-theory are abstractly closely related to the Iwasawa algebra.  In the mid-90's, Dwyer and Mitchell used this observation to describe the topological K-theory of the algebraic K-theory of the integers in terms of p-adic L-functions.  In this talk, I will give a gentle introduction to this amazing story and then explain work with Mike Mandell which extends these results and suggests a program for using topological information to answer number-theoretic questions.


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