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MathBio Seminar

Monday, February 26, 2024 - 4:00pm

Giovanna Guidoboni

University of Maine


University of Pennsylvania

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Machine Learning (ML) aims at extracting information and knowledge from data. ML is naturally interdisciplinary, as it bridges fundamental techniques of data analysis, typically developed by mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists, with the needs of actionable insights that are specific to the particular application domain. Mechanism-driven models are based on the principles of physics and physiology and allow for identification of cause-to-effect relationships among interplaying factors in a complex system. While invaluable for causality, mechanism-driven models are often based on simplifying assumptions to make them tractable for analysis and simulation; however, this often brings into question their relevance beyond theoretical explorations. The combination of mechanism-driven and data-driven models allows us to harness the advantages of both approaches, as mechanism-driven models excel at interpretability but suffer from a lack of scalability, while data-driven models are excellent at scale but suffer in terms of generalizability and insights for hypothesis generation. This combined, integrative approach represents the pillar of the interdisciplinary approach to data science that will be discussed in this talk, with applications spanning from glaucoma research to cardiovascular monitoring and physiology of the lower urinary tract (LUT).

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